About Randy Samkowiak
General Contractor, Inc.

We are a third Generation carpenters, and the longest operating general contractors in the region. The contracting business has run back through my family bloodline when my grandfather was a building contractor in the Gaylord area and my father has carpentry history that spans over two decades. This gave me a taste of the trade at an early age and prompted me in the year of 1982 to be the youngest to acquire a contracting license in the area.

We are a full service custom homebuilder, and also provide services such as major remodeling projects and commercial work as well. Our projects range from as small as installing a door to a 9000 square foot project with various styles that took almost 2 years to complete. We can provide design and architectural services that can assist the customer through the complete construction processes.

We are members of the Little Traverse Association of Home Builders and Otsego County Chamber of Commerce.

About Randy Samkowiak

Over 30 years experience

With Randy Samkowiak G C Inc, we want to provide our customers with flexibility, attention to detail, and dedication from inception to completion.

Hidden surprises are unlikely to arise during the construction process. This is achieved from a total hands-on approach our team of craftsman and sub-contractors. With the most sub-contractors working with us, the owner of the company personally works the projects.

By paying close attention to the smallest details as the project proceeds, and being on the job site every day, complications can be addressed when they occur, and can eliminate call backs from otherwise hidden problems.

Some of the sub-contractors have been with us from the start of our business, and others are second generation trade where their fathers have worked for us in the past.

By insuring customer satisfaction and access to the contractor on every site, every day, we believe we can offer a stress free building experience.